What is 'Jan-Navi Mahjong Online'?


Always ready for a heated battle with rivals! All the features you need to enjoy Mahjong are right here. Jan-Navi Mahjong Online' is supervised by Mahjong professional Yosuke Ide, exploring the fun and essence of Mahjong to the fullest, enabling unprecedented matches on both PC and smartphones!

Enjoy intense matches anytime, anywhere, whether at home or outside! Experience the thrill and excitement of playing against people, an experience you can never get playing against a computer!


Over 100 professional Mahjong players from 6 organizations are participating!


More than 100 professionals from 6 Mahjong organizations have joined. Beyond the boundaries of organizations, over 100 players from 6 groups are participating! You can enjoy actual matches against many famous professionals.

Play Mahjong online with users nationwide!


Featuring a variety of game modes, including ranking battles to measure your skill, as well as three-player Mahjong and competitive Mahjong.


Make Mahjong friends through communication features like message boards and messaging! Enjoy Mahjong while chatting.

The new 'Ranking Battle' mode has arrived, with refreshed table designs!

The new 'Ranking Battle' mode has arrived, with refreshed table designs!

In the new 'Ranking Battle' mode, lobbies are divided into Beginner, Advanced, Superior, and King classes allowing players of similar skill levels to compete against each other.

Additionally, the table and button designs during matches have been refreshed. Under the supervision of Taiyo Giken, we have introduced the popular automatic Mahjong table 'AMOS'. Enjoy Jan-Navi with the familiar real table design.

Get excited in real-time with 'Live Support'!


Live Support' is a feature that allows spectators to cheer on players with stamps. Let's heat up the intense matches with everyone's watching and support!

Additionally, the points earned from being cheered on with stamps (Support Points) compete in a Support Ranking based on the total number acquired, so aim to become a popular Mahjong player!

Depending on the support points and circumstances, you can exchange them for Jan-Navi points or Amazon gift vouchers.

Play online Mahjong anytime, anywhere.


Available on smartphones in addition to PCs, so you can easily play during your commute, at school, or in rooms without a computer.

Game data is also shared, so you can continue playing outside what you started at home. Enjoy Mahjong to your heart's content, regardless of time and place!