Total prize money for e-Sports Match exceeds 10 million yen! A special rule for winning all 1st place prize distribution will be held from February 1st (Thursday)!


What is Jan-Navi?

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Jan-Navi Mahjong Online celebrates its 19th anniversary this year and is an online mahjong community game playable on smartphones, PCs, Nintendo Switch, and Amazon Fire Stick.

With the latest feature, you can enjoy heated matches in the e-Sports mahjong mode.

About the "e-Sports Match" Prize Money Total Exceeding 10 Million Yen Commemorative Rule

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In the "6th Season e-Sports Match" starting today, as a commemoration of the total prize money exceeding 10 million yen, the rule is set to "Winner Takes All."

For each match won, players can earn 1,350 yen as a reward! (*)

Furthermore, starting from the 6th season, matches can now be played in the e-Sports mode during the previously unavailable time slots from 2:00 AM to 7:00 AM.

  • Prizes will be paid in Platinum Chips. Please refer to the following "About the 'e-Sports Match'" for more information.
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Rule Details - Changes

Before Change

  • Ranking Chips: 1st place +1000 chips, 2nd place +350 chips
  • Available Match Time: 07:00 to 02:00

After Change (from February 1st)

  • Ranking Chips: 1st place +1350 chips
  • Available Match Time: 24 hours

Whitepaper on "JN Token" is Now Available

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JN Token Whitepaper Now Available!

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The "JN Token" plays a vital role in shaping Jan-Navi's e-Sports.

Managed by Jan-Navi DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization), it is a utility token designed to tokenize the activity of "popularizing mahjong as a global sport" through blockchain.

Anyone from around the world can easily participate as a sponsor, and mechanisms are being prepared to organize online tournaments for e-Sports matches or offer donations as spectators.