MV import 25% up campaign! You can get Jan-Navi points at a great price!



We are pleased to announce a campaign where you can receive 25% more Jan-Navi Points when importing MV into the Jan-Navi app during the campaign period.

MV Import is a feature that allows you to purchase "Jan-Navi Points," the in-app points in the Jan-Navi application, using "MV Token" (referred to as MV).

MV is a utility token primarily used to construct the metaverse in Elemental Knights Online (GENSO). By importing MV into Jan-Navi, you can fully utilize it within the Jan-Navi game.

Campaign Period

From February 5th, 2024 (Monday) 12:00 to March 4th, 2024 (Monday) 23:59

  • The MV Import feature is available on Jan-Navi PC and Android versions.
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By importing MV into Jan-Navi, you can earn more Jan-Navi Points than with other payment methods, making it more affordable to play Jan-Navi. You can use Jan-Navi Points to participate in the new game mode "e-Sports Match," offer donations during spectating, or draw gacha, among various other contents.

Furthermore, Jan-Navi is planning to issue "JN Tokens"!

What is "JN Token"?

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The "JN Token" plays a crucial role in shaping Jan-Navi's e-Sports.

Managed by Jan-Navi DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization), it is a utility token designed to tokenize the activity of "popularizing mahjong as a global sport" through blockchain.

By using MV to play the e-Sports match mode in Jan-Navi and converting the in-game coins obtained from the e-Sports match mode into JN Tokens, users can cash out.

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For more details, please refer to the "whitepaper" published on the official website.
You can check Jan-Navi's "Whitepaper" on the official site at

What is Jan-Navi?

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Jan-Navi Mahjong Online celebrates its 19th anniversary this year and is an online mahjong community game playable on smartphones, PCs, Nintendo Switch, and Amazon Fire Stick.

With the latest features, you can enjoy intense matches in the e-Sports mahjong mode.