JN Token Confirmation Ticket Holder Exclusive Campaign Part 1 is now live!



About the JN Token Confirmation Ticket Holder Exclusive Campaign

This campaign offers the attractive opportunity to earn additional 'JN Tokens'!
※For more information on JN Tokens, please read this article.

During the campaign period, customers who play "e-Sports Matches" will have the chance to win "6754JN Token Confirmation + α" tickets, each worth 10,000 yen, through a lottery.
The more Platinum Chips you earn in "e-Sports Matches," the higher your chances of winning.

Furthermore, please note that this campaign is exclusively for customers who have VIP user privileges, which are granted upon importing the "Limited jan-navi ticket: Guaranteed JN Token + α" (hereinafter referred to as the "JN Token Confirmation Ticket") into the Jan-Navi game.

※For details on how to confirm VIP user privileges, please see "How to Confirm VIP User Privileges".

▼ Participation Conditions for the Lottery: ① Link your wallet to Jan-Navi.
② Import the "JN Token Confirmation Ticket" into Jan-Navi.
③ Play at least one match of "e-Sports Match" during the campaign period.

▼ Calculation Period:
From March 1, 2024, to May 31, 2024.
※ Matches played before importing the "JN Token Confirmation Ticket" are also included in the calculation.

▼ Prize Details:
One "Limited Jan-Navi Ticket: 6754JN Token Confirmation + α".

▼ Announcement of Winners:
Scheduled to be announced on Jan-Navi's official X starting from June 5th (Wednesday).
Prizes will be awarded to the wallet addresses that imported the "JN Token Confirmation Ticket".

What is the "Limited jan-navi ticket: Guaranteed JN Token + α"? We'll also explain the import process!

The "Limited jan-navi ticket: Guaranteed JN Token + α" (hereinafter referred to as the "JN Token Confirmation Ticket") grants the right to receive JN Tokens.

JN Tokens are scheduled to be sent to wallet addresses meeting any of the following conditions just before the initial exchange listing:

  • Wallet addresses holding the "JN Token Confirmation Ticket"
  • Wallet addresses with the "JN Token Confirmation Ticket" imported into the Jan-Navi game
  • How to Obtain JN Tokens and "JN Token Confirmation Tickets"

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*The images are from past campaigns.

The JN Token Confirmation Ticket is distributed to customers through ongoing campaigns, past whitelist campaigns, and mahjong tournaments.

For information on ongoing campaigns, please check the official Jan-Navi X.