JAN-Navi x GENSOKISHI ONLINE Collaboration is here! Get exclusive collaboration rewards!



JAN-Navi x GENSOKISHI ONLINE Collaboration event announcement!

Thank you for always using JAN-Navi Mahjong Online.

We are pleased to announce the launch of a collaboration event with GENSOKISHI ONLINE!

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The collaboration event "Decisive Battle! Dark Dragon Gargantis" features a boss battle event where monsters from the world of "GENSOKISHI ONLINE" will appear as bosses. Defeat these monsters to earn points and get exclusive collaboration items!

To celebrate the collaboration event, the appearance rate of high-rarity bosses and the item drop rate from bosses have been significantly increased!
We hope you take this opportunity to join the event!

Event Period
June 13 (Thu) 12:00 - June 23 (Sun) 23:59

For more details on how to participate in the event, please see "Event Participation/How to Play" at the bottom of this news.

Exclusive collaboration gacha!

My Character Gacha "GENSOKISHI ONLINE Collaboration Gacha" Now Available!

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The latest My Character Gacha, "GENSOKISHI ONLINE Collaboration Gacha," linked to the same event, is now on sale from June 10 (Mon) at 17:00.

Additionally, all items come with event effects, significantly increasing the event points you can earn in the collaboration event "Decisive Battle! Dark Dragon Gargantis," giving you an advantage!

※ What is My Character?

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Your avatar character displayed on your My Page and during matches. You can freely dress up your character with My Character items.

My Character items with event effects are special items that allow you to earn a lot of event points during events. They are especially recommended for those who participate in the event and play a lot of matches!

The "GENSOKISHI ONLINE Collaboration Winning Animation" also appears in the Golden Mahjong Gacha!

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On the same day as the event, June 13 (Thu) at 17:00, the first collaboration winning animation will appear in the Golden Mahjong Gacha! Achieve a win and bring the world of "GENSOKISHI ONLINE" to life on the table with a spectacular display!

Event participation/how to play

Participation (Entry) Method

1. Download JAN-Navi (iOS/Android version) / Register for JAN-Navi (PC version)

2. Once the entry registration period begins, you can enter via the event page.
Tap "Event" at the bottom of the screen

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3.Tap "Go to Entry Page"

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4. From the event page, tap "Join". This completes the entry process.

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How to Play the Event

1. Play matches in Free Matches or Ranking Matches to earn event points.
Equip items obtained from the My Character Gacha to your character to increase these event points!

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2. Use the event points you earned to attack the boss!

3. Defeat the boss to earn "Defeat Points"

4. Earn rewards based on the number of Defeat Points you accumulate!


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GENSOKISHI ONLINE -Meta World- is a blockchain MMORPG that was born as the new metaverse version of "Elemental Knights," a 3D MMORPG that won the "Game of the Year Gold Award" in Taiwan in 2012 and has surpassed 8 million downloads.

In this fantasy world, you can defeat monsters to obtain items and sell them, or sell rare items obtained on the GENSO Marketplace, incorporating Free to Play to Earn elements.

Additionally, with the UGC (User Generated Content) feature, you can freely create avatar outfits (fashionable equipment) and turn them into NFTs. These NFTs can be used in the metaverse world, and you can also expect to monetize by buying and selling them on the GENSO Marketplace.


Official Website: https://genso.game/

X(Twitter) :https://twitter.com/genso_meta

Discord :https://discord.gg/gensometaverse

LINE :https://lin.ee/fRx2vvE