JAN-Navi sponsors the "IVS Mahjong Night" side event at "IVS2024 KYOTO"!



Thank you for supporting JAN-Navi Mahjong Online.

We are excited to announce that JAN-Navi is sponsoring the "IVS Mahjong Night" at "IVS2024 KYOTO".

What is "IVS2024 KYOTO"?

IVS2024 KYOTO is a hub for global business leaders and startups to convene and share the latest innovations. It features speeches and panel discussions by industry leaders, making it a significant networking event.

In 2022, "IVS Crypto" was hosted, becoming the largest Web3 conference in Japan.

What is "IVS Mahjong Night"?

IVS Mahjong Night is a mahjong-themed networking event held as part of "IVS2024 KYOTO." Launched in 2023 and well-received, it is set to continue this year, with JAN-Navi proudly sponsoring.

Date and Location

Date: July 5th (Fri), 19:00-23:30 (Arrival by 18:30)
Location: KAGAN HOTEL (99 Shijaku Hozon-cho, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto)
※ About 15 minutes by car from "Pulse Plaza," the IVS venue
※ Less than 10 minutes by car from Kyoto Station

Register through the following link to participate: https://lu.ma/ah5552ah?locale=ja

Please note that unregistered and unrelated attendees to IVS are not permitted to join.

Look out for the JAN-Navi booth!

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Additionally, JAN-Navi will feature a booth at "IVS Mahjong Night," where attendees can try out JAN-Navi. We will also air-drop a special limited NFT, the "jan-navi 3000pt Ticket for IVS 2024."

This limited NFT, once imported into the game, grants 3000 free JAN-Navi points and can also be listed on the marketplace.

Please be aware that once imported, the ticket becomes a single JAN-Navi ticket and cannot be exported again.