Announcing The 3rd Mahjong Tournament! Offering a chance to win "tokens" by lottery!



To commemorate the announcement of JN Tokens, Jan-Navi Mahjong-Online held The 3rd Mahjong tournament. It was an exhilarating match with participation from members of Web3 guilds!

Results Announcement

Here are the top three winners of The 3rd Mahjong tournament! Congratulations!

  1. 1st Alamode(@kirarix_crypto)
  2. 2nd ray=out(@rayout1098)
  3. 3rd justice(@2Z4Zx9R4vZQRbMi)

The top three winners will receive a special NFT via airdrop, granting them access to JN Tokens before they are listed!

For more information about "JN Tokens," please see below.

What is JN Token?

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“JN Token” is a sponsored token to support Jan-Navi. Anyone can become a Jan-Navi sponsor by owning a token.

Support funds from purchasing JN Tokens will be used for the operation of JNavi and prize money for e-sports games, etc. JN Token holders will receive a portion of Jan-Navi's operating revenue back in JN Tokens.

Additionally, for large sponsors who have a large number of tokens, we will also post advertisements within the Jan-Navi service if requested.

This is a sponsor DAO token that anyone can feel free to participate in, so if you would like to support Jan-Navi's efforts, we would appreciate it if you would consider purchasing it.


WINNER Prediction Campaign!

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Along with the tournament, the "WINNER Prediction Campaign" was also held!


Out of those, 30 people will be selected by lottery to receive a ticket for "6754 JN Tokens (equivalent to 10,000 yen) plus extra!" This campaign made the tournament exciting for the viewers as well!

What is the "6754 JN Tokens Guaranteed +α" ticket?

It is an NFT that can be imported into Jan-Navi. Importing it grants the following benefits.

  • For those who import this NFT into their wallet address, we will airdrop 6754 JN Tokens (with a price of 1 JN Token = $0.01) to their wallet address either the day before or two days before JN Tokens are listed on the cryptocurrency exchange.
  • VIP user rights will be granted, and a dedicated campaign will be held for those who have been granted these rights. This campaign offers additional opportunities to acquire JN Tokens.
  • Distribution of 100 Jan-Navi tickets (equivalent to 1000 yen) that can be used when participating in e-Sports Matches.

AMA sessions with each Guild!

Prior to the tournament, we held AMAs with each guild in the Web3 community. Members of the Jan-Navi team also participated as speakers.


4/23 (Tue) 20:00 JST
X Account:

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4/24 (Wed) 21:00 JST
X Account:

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